Acoustic Windows

Acoustic Windows

The acoustic windows range from QuietStar is matched to that of our acoustic doors. When choosing noise control products for an acoustic studio, requiring sound isolation, it is important to ensure that all components are evenlymatched in order to mitigate any weaknesses in the structure. So QuietStar can match the sound insulating efficacy of your window or glazed screen to the capabilities of your soundproof door, for all round effectiveness.

Using multiple panes of glass, ranging from 6.8mm to 25mm for individual glass sheets, the soundproofing performance capabilities are huge. Using a unique timber frame system that is decoupled from the host wall to minimise the potential for vibration isolation, the design helps in ensuring the best possible acoustic seal for soundproof windows. A combination of different pane thicknesses and varying air gaps are used for studio windows and glazed screens depending on the host wall thickness, its construction and the required acoustic performance for studio sound insulation.


Standard Acoustic Windows

For newly constructed openings, a range of standard sized soundproof windows and acoustic performances are available as a cost effective option whilst still achieving set noise control values. The standard range of performances starts at Rw 30dB rising to Rw 70dB. All window frames are available in a range of different finishes or can be painted.

Bespoke Acoustic Windows

As well as the physical studio window design, additional finishes can be applied such as custom RAL colours to match the host wall colour scheme and various films to control light including one-way vision, tinting and etched / opaque effects.

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