Acoustic Studios


Acoustic Studios

With many different types of acoustic studios available from TV and radio cabins, to voiceover booths and music production pods, getting the right acoustic studio, tuned to the medium being recorded, produced or mixed is essential. In addition to providing soundproof studio components such as acoustic doors and acoustic windows, QuietStar is also able to provide complete packages to suit any application. With the ability to engineer even the most complicated of projects, rest assured that QuietStar can deliver a cost effective solution, matched with the best possible acoustic performance.

Acoustic Voiceover Booths

Voiceover booths are standard modular soundproof studios packaged as standalone units. Consisting of an acoustic door, soundproof window and integrated lighting, these vocal booths are an ideal solution for home recording studios or for when just a vocal recording environment is required without the need to integrate with other services. As well as voiceover booths QuietStar also provide post production suites, dubbing rooms and live broadcast studios.

Bespoke Acoustic Studios

For a more integrated approach in multi-studio projects where there might be a mixture of recording rooms, audio control cabins and live performance spaces, then look no further than QuietStar’s bespoke studio design service. Looking after the acoustic performance is one element, but providing a whole package including tailored design cues is the next step. QuietStar has partnered with Studio People to provide the best possible acoustic solution to even the most demanding projects. Seamlessly working together, the relationship aims to provide the acoustic studio industry with a complete end-to-end service from initial concept to finished project.

Studio Tuning Packages

In addition to providing complete packages, QuietStar can offer a number of tuning solutions to optimise existing audio rooms. From adding sound absorption to increasing reverberation, whatever the sonic environment, our engineers can tailor the recording space to suit singing, instruments or percussion, giving flexibility wherever possible to increase the number of uses out of a single space.

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