Music Practice Rooms

music practice rooms

Music Practice Rooms

QuietStar music practice rooms are the ideal solution for musicians wishing to create acoustically isolated rehearsal spaces. Suitable for both trainee and professional musicians, our soundproof rehearsal studios provide a tranquil environment in which musicians can master their craft, whilst performing and  producing without disturbance from outside noise or sound spill into adjacent performance suites. QuietStar’s acoustic rehearsal rooms enable different genres and multiple instruments to be played at the same time and in close proximity to each other.

With acoustic performance ranging from Rw 40dB reduction from inside a room to the corridor, or Rw 60dB from room to room, the potential isolation is significant. Soundproof booths can be designed as standalone insulated pods or arranged in rows or clusters.

Modular Music Rehearsal Rooms

The modular design of music rehearsal suites means that many different configurations can be engineered to suit individual requirements. From standard square or rectangular units, to multi-faceted and custom shaped booths. Utilising standard components to maximise value, all QuietStar’s music facilities are manufactured to the same criteria.

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