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Acoustic Rooms

At QuietStar we offer a complete range of acoustic rooms, booths and suites to suit a range of applications. Our expertise spans a variety of industries, from television and music production right through to the healthcare sector – servicing the audiology and ENT industries. We supply specialised soundproof environments, including acoustic studios for TV editing and radio broadcasting, for example BBC studio design, voiceover booths and dubbing studios.
As well as these production suites we also cater for professional musician’s rehearsal requirements, supplying music practice facilities such as music studios, soundproof music practice pods, performance rooms and modular rehearsal spaces.
Within the healthcare sector we frequently service the hearing testing division, supplying an extensive selection of audiology booths and audiometric testing chambers, for which we are able to offer a choice of bespoke features. All our hearing test booths and cabins comply with European and international standards and have a guaranteed acoustic performance.

At QuietStar our team has the experience to provide the very best balance between acoustic performance, quality and value.

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