Steel Acoustic Doors


Steel Acoustic Doors

QuietStar is a UK leader in the design, manufacture and installation of an extensive selection of hinged steel acoustic doors. The range starts from 35dB and can reach a performance in excess of 60dB with all doors having the option of fire rating for up to 120 minutes in both integrity and insulation.

Over the years we have installed our steel acoustic doors in various different sectors and applications including:

With high quality aesthetics and robust manufacturing, our steel soundproof doors are fit for all purposes. For specialist projects, including bespoke finishes, custom sizes and varying acoustic performances, our array of soundproof doors can be finely tuned and tailored right down to the last detail, to meet even the most specific requirements. In the past we have also completed projects utilising the following finishes:

In addition to regular personnel access acoustic doorsets, including double door options, QuietStar can also provide oversized and industrial doors for specialist applications. With the capability to manufacture steel acoustic doorsets up to 10m x 10m, the possibility to screen noise from even the most demanding applications is possible. Please refer to our range of industrial acoustic doors.

Increased Acoustic Performance

When additional noise control is necessary or an acoustic doorset is required to match the performance of the host wall, up to Rw 70dB can be achieved by putting door leaves back to back. The additional air gap between the two leaves helps to increase sound insulation performance in highly critical applications, where precision is imperative and there is no room for error, such as in military settings, police rooms and security rooms.

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