Audiology Rooms

At QuietStar we offer a comprehensive range of standard and bespoke audiology test rooms, standalone audiometric testing booths and complete suites of hearing testing rooms. All QuietStar’s  audiology rooms provide guaranteed noise reduction levels ranging from Rw 30dB up to and in excess of Rw 65dB.

Our own in-house design team are able to provide the best in quality and acoustic performance along with a full design service and after sales support.

Key and important features and benefits of the QuietStar range of standard and bespoke audiometric testing rooms and audiology booths are:

  • Clean, quick and accurate assembly of the testing chamber
  • Silent ventilation systems allowing complete consultation and accurate hearing testing whilst the ventilation is running
  • Air conditioning options include connection to main system, scavenge to draw air from a host room and independent dedicated systems
  • Acoustic doors incorporating magnetic seals, giving each soundproof door a quiet and slam-free operation and flush/ flat door thresholds
  • A range of standard and optional floor, wall and ceiling finishes is available for all our audiology booths, including textures, colours, materials and fabrics, through to vinyl wraps and paint finishing details
  • QuietStar’s engineers will work with you from your initial design discussions through to installation, testing and final handover of your audiology booth – The team provide complete design flexibility, offering almost any shape or size of audiology facility, with the additional benefit of being completely demountable, with no loss of performance
  • Using a specially designed modular acoustic panels and integrated joining system forming isolated floors, wall and roof panels with the incorporation of acoustic doors, acoustic windows and specially silenced ventilation systems, QuietStar are able to give a 100% guarantee of acoustic performance and compliance with the current and relevant European and international standards including ISO BS EN6189, ISO 8253 Parts 1,2 & 3, HTM 2045 and HTM 08-01.
  • QuietStar’s fast, clean and accurate installation system for audiology rooms minimises on-site building time and disruption.

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