One of QuietStar’s first export projects was to supply acoustic doors for Archive Mastering. Archive Mastering is a dedicated audio mastering facility located near Halifax, NS, Canada. Run by the infamous J. LaPointe, the facility attracts some of the best artists in the country and folk music scenes.

While undergoing a programme of investment, the facility now has a new studio with 2 acoustic doors supplied by QuietStar. Featuring acoustic glass mounted speakers, the acoustic access door to the space has a large vision panel to complement the huge speakers either side. The other door is used for external access and features a standard-sized vision panel. Both painted architectural dark grey with a performance rating of 55dB, each door was designed, approved and released for manufacture remotely.

As the doors were being installed by Archive Mastering, QuietStar worked closely with the factory to ensure the installation process was as easy as possible. The installation of acoustic doors can sometimes prove problematic due to the additional features such as magnetic and mechanical seals. Detailed instructions and additional components came ready-fitted to each leaf to make the installation smooth with minimal input from our team in the UK.

The project showcased our ability to overcome some of the challenges of working overseas. Although a relatively simple project, the doors had to be designed in such a way that made installation simple. Normally installed using our own experience crews, we sometimes take for granted how complex the installation can be. By breaking the process down into simple-to-follow steps and working closely with the factory, the doors were successfully installed with no issues.

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