Acoustic Louvres


Acoustic Louvres

QuietStar has an extensive range of acoustic louvres and can provide acoustic ventilation solutions to suit any application where both soundproofing and airflow are simultaneously required. Acoustic louvres offer the ideal solution to providing the necessary ventilation to mechanical plant equipment, while also reducing noise break-out. As well as being the perfect solution for airflow and noise pollution the QuietStar louvre design also lends itself to being suitable for both industrial and architectural type projects.

Acoustic louvres are a popular choice for shielding noisy chillers, generators, compressors, turbines, condensers and transformers. Aspects of such noisy machinery, for instance the need for airflow, often prevent the use of solid barriers. The blades found in QuietStar louvres are tightly packed with sound absorbing material, so reduce airborne noise and are an ideal alternative to a solid acoustic barrier which may cause machinery to overheat or operate inefficiently. Typically supplied in modular format, this helps with both the design and installation, meaning the overall size of your louvre can be accommodated by utilising a combination of units.

Performance of Acoustic Louvres

The sound insulating performance of acoustic louvres, offered by QuietStar, ranges from Rw 10dB to Rw 25dB depending on the type of blade arrangement used and whether the screen will be of a single or double banked configuration.

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