Acoustic Barriers


Acoustic Barriers

In addition to offering complete soundproof enclosures to shield noisy equipment, QuietStar is also able to provide standalone acoustic barriers. With the capability to offer a fully tailored service to include the following where necessary:

All of our acoustic barriers are manufactured using modular components which are designed with acoustic performance in mind. Whilst functional, aesthetics also play a vital role in selecting the best possible solution.  Panels can be designed to match an existing building façade using different colours and finishes. Predominately manufactured using an all steel construction, QuietStar also recognise that other materials are more suited to certain conditions and can accommodate requirements as such.

Increased Acoustic Performance

Although fixed acoustic barriers serve a purpose for longstanding static installations, mobile and temporarily fixed panels offer a great deal of flexibility in situations where the noise problem is short-lived or the structure is impermanent. QuietStar has partnered with a number of organisations to offer multiple temporary soundproofing solutions, such as acoustic fences and acoustic screens to soundproof impermanent noise sources and mitigate short-term noise problems caused by construction and maintenance. dBarrier is a global provider of temporary acoustic barriers for use on scaffolding, heras fencing and other temporary structures. In addition to the high sound insulation achieved from a temporary barrier, the system also offers certified fall protection, wind shielding and energy savings.


Another possibility for temporary acoustic barriers and acoustic screens is that of curtain walling. QuietStar have also partnered with Järven, a supplier of temporary soundproofing structures utilising a patented hanging rail system. With multiple applications, the Järven system offers complete flexibility in terms of how and where acoustic barriers can be placed, when noise reduction is only required for a brief period of time.

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