Anechoic Refurbishment & Repairs

Anechoic Facility Refurbishment

Acoustic testing has vastly increased over the past 20 years, with tighter regulations and expectations for sound across multiple industries. Technological and material advances have matched this, rendering some older facilities inefficient, unsafe or unfit for purpose.

A high percentage of our Anechoic Chamber work is refurbishment of testing facilities over 10 years old, modernising with next-gen acoustic wedges, high quality lighting, improved ventilation and acoustic doors. We refurbish acoustic chambers to the highest standards that your budget will allow, complying with all modern day standards whilst improving accessibility, usability and aesthetics.

Anechoic Chamber Refurbishment items include:

  • Acoustic Survey
  • Designs and Area Plans
  • Replacement Acoustic Wedges
  • Acoustic Door Upgrades
  • Acoustic Ventilation Replacement
  • Lighting Upgrades (Low-Energy, High Lumen Output)
  • Safety Check Acoustic Electrics
Upgrading anechoic chambers is in QuietStar’s DNA; Graham Dale, who heads up the chambers and testing department has been building and refurbishing anechoic chambers for over 30 years, working with multiple universities, the BBC, and automotive manufacturers. From wedge replacement and lighting to electrical and mechanical, if your anechoic facility needs a refurb, get in touch today.

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