Fire-Rated Acoustic Windows

fire-rated acoustic-windows

Fire-Rated Acoustic Windows

Acoustic fire windows are an increasingly popular choice for applications where safety is paramount. Our range of fire-rated windows perfectly complement our range of fire-rated doors. Manufactured using an all-steel construction, the combination of sizes and fire ratings is almost infinite.

Glazing units can be manufactured up to 4 metres high with almost limitless widths meaning limitations are only met by standard glass sizes. QuietStar offer a range of different glass types to complement the insulation and integrity ranges of the frames.

In terms of acoustic performance, our range of fire-rated windows, these can be matched to our standard acoustic window range. With a maximum acoustic performance of around 70dB for standard wall thicknesses, most applications should be catered for by our standard range.

All of our acoustic fire windows are constructed as double-glazed units with the fire-rated glass on the critical side of the opening whilst the other is typically sealed using standard laminated safety glass of a suitable thickness to accommodate the acoustic requirement.

Acoustic Fire Window Ratings

All of our fire-rated windows and screens comply with EN fire resistance to the following classes EI 15, EI 30, EI 45, EI 60, and EI 120. We typically offer glass from Vetrotech and Pilkington, but can provide other manufacturers upon request.

Acoustic Fire-Rated Window Options

For specialist projects, including bespoke finishes, custom sizes and varying acoustic performances, our range of acoustic fire windows can be tailored to meet most requirements. Below are some of the finishes available:

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