Acoustic Refurbishment


Acoustic Refurbishment

QuietStar’s complete acoustic refurbishment service is flexible enough to accommodate all types of upgrade and modification to your existing acoustic environment. Our acoustic refurbishment services include replacement finishes (wall fabrics, carpets and ceilings) air conditioning, rewiring, lighting, replacement walls and / or roof panels, structurally isolated acoustic floors, acoustic doors and acoustic windows.

We also specialise in the soundproof refurbishment of other sound insulated facilities, not originally designed, supplied or built by ourselves. So we can modernise any pre-existing soundproof enclosure, using our knowledge and experience. We are often asked to refurbish old and tired looking music studios and modular rehearsal spaces, completely renovating anechoic test chambers and upgrading complete audiology booths and suites within hospitals and health clinics. Our in-house design specialists are able to undertake a complete review of the existing acoustic facility and assess the full extent of the works to be undertaken.

QuietStar’s current range of wall, ceiling and floor finishes create a stylish, modern, functional and durable interior for acoustic enclosures. Silent air conditioning systems can also be installed and existing systems can be serviced, replaced and upgraded if required.

We are ready to help and guide you with a free and no obligation site-survey, contact us for more details.

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