Acoustic Fire Doors


Acoustic Fire Doors

Acoustic fire doors are an increasingly popular choice for specialist applications in public buildings such as hospitals and education establishments. QuietStar offers a complete range of fire-rated doors to suit varying levels of acoustic performance. Most acoustic fire-rated doors are manufactured from steel, however some timber acoustic fire doors are also available. Furthermore, optional vision panels are available for both steel and wooden soundproof fire doors, in compliance with DDA legislation.

30, 60, 90 and 120 minute integrity ratings are obtainable across the range, certified to BS476.

30, 60, 90 and 120 minute insulation performances are also achievable, certified to EN1634.

Available Sizes

All single leaf doors can be made for up to 1250mm x 3000mm. Double leaf arrangements can be manufactured for up to a 3000mm x 3000mm opening. Larger sizes are possible in our industrial door range with up to 6m x 6m on hinged and 10m x 10m on sliding door arrangements.

Fire Rated Door Furniture

QuietStar fire-rated acoustic doors have a selection of certified ironmongery which can be chosen from our standard range. Should custom furniture be required, then the fire rating of each component needs to be matched to the performance of the leaf. QuietStar can free issue custom door furniture, providing the necessary fire certifications can be met. QuietStar has access to many different manufacturers of door furniture and, in many cases, we can advise on systems which we have used in the past.

So long as the performance can be met, QuietStar can manufacture soundproof fire doors to match existing ironmongery used in other architectural doors within the same building.

Types of Acoustic Fire Door

If a fire rating is required for a certain application, then QuietStar is able to provide doors with or without glazing and also for emergency exits and panic room applications. Timber fire-rated acoustic doors typically come with up to a 90 minute fire rating (integrity only) and an acoustic performance capped at 45dB. Steel acoustic fire doors offer a much wider scope, both for acoustic and fire performance. Our steel range of soundproof fire doors are matched in terms of acoustic performance to that of our non-fire rated leafs. Performance ratings start from 50dB up to 63dB.

Industrial Applications

In addition to personnel access and architectural applications, QuietStar is also able to provide acoustic fire rated doors for industrial applications. Our range of industrial doors are all available with varying levels of fire protection.

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