Hearing Test Booths

Introducing QuietStar’s smallest acoustic booth for industrial and retail audiometry, the QS1 screening audiology booth. This audiology cabin provides a controlled acoustic noise reducing environment suitable for industrial screening, diagnostic hearing testing and all types of retail audiometry, where the prescription and issuing of a hearing aid is required.

With a robust, compact and practical design, this retail audiology cabin comes equipped with LED Lighting and low-noise ventilation system. On top of this, a twin USB and jack socket pass through cable system are the perfect combination.

The audiology booth’s integrated ceiling mounted LED lighting system, along with its low-noise ventilation system, operate using a low energy remote power adaptor. As well as this, both the lights and ventilation fan can be switched independently of each other, using simple and ergonomic styled rocker switches.

Hearing Testing Booth Acoustic Performance

The QS1 Booth performs better both acoustically and aesthetically than ’any other brands’ on the market that you may know and may have had experience with. We have increased the material gauge and introduced additional panel absorption/ attenuation to the walls and roof.

For ease of movement, the QS1 Booth is fitted with 4 x wheels/ castors (the 2 at the front are lockable) with ‘rubber tyres’ for additional noise & vibration control.

QS1 Hearing test Booth
QS1 Hearing Testing Booth Closed

Hearing Testing Booth Construction

The QS1 hearing test booth is QuietStar’s smallest acoustic booth for industrial and retail audiometry and supplied readily assembled or in a kit form.

The hearing screening booth is robust and compact – designed with integrated LED lighting and a low-noise ventilation system, twin USB’s and 6 jack sockets are also incorporated for cable access and connections.

Power is supplied via a low energy remote power adaptor (suitable for most countries), both the LED light and ventilation fan can be independently switched, using simple and ergonomic styled rocker switches.

The QS1 Booth is completely demountable and can be easily dismantled within approximately 15 minutes, using two able and competent persons with hand tools.

CE Marked Hearing Testing Booth

We have based and geared this booth primarily for the UK and Mainland European markets. With that in mind, we have ensured the QS1 hearing testing booth is CE Marked. As a medical device, the CE Mark gives peace of mind that the QS1 booth is manufactured to a high standard and complies with European legislation.

CE Mark Logo
QS1 Hearing Test Booth Diagram

How does our QS1 Hearing Testing Booth Measure Up?

The dimensions and weights for an assembled unit are as follows:
External: 753mm wide x 1023mm deep x 1985mm high.
Internal: 630mm wide x 895mm deep x 1760mm high.
Weight: 300kg.

Packed dimensions:
Assembled Unit: 950mm wide x 1120mm deep x 2200mm high.
Kit Form Unit: 1200mm wide x 2000mm long x 850mm high.
Packed Weight: 350kg.

Key Features of the QS1 Hearing Test Booth

Finish (exterior & interior) – Polyester Powder Coated – semi-gloss white.

Floor – Removable ‘anti-static’ carpet.

Large Observation Window located in the side wall – Clear View 595mm wide x 695mm high. The window is supplied with laminated acoustic glazing.

Door – Recessed magnetic door seal offering optimum acoustic performance. The door carries a flush fitting, ergonomically designed recessed door handle located within the leading edge of the door leaf – The door has a complete and clear opening of 630mm wide x 1760mm high.

Important Note – The QS1 hearing test booth can be assembled to accommodate either a left hand door and a right hand window or vice-versa, from the same kits, simply by interchanging the side wall panels and hinges (supplied) to suit the final configuration of the booth and its final location.

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