Acoustic Enclosures

Quietstar designs and installs industrial acoustic enclosures suitable for a wide number of industrial soundproofing applications, from linear acoustic barriers, to complete 6 sided soundproof pods.

Manufactured with an all-steel rugged construction, our industrial acoustic products are not only durable enough to withstand the test of time, but also perform to noise reduction specification. The modular construction of acoustic pods means that multiple sized sound-insulated rooms can be built to almost any size by utilising structural steel as required.

Our acoustic enclosures can be used for any of the following applications;

  • Generators
  • Pumps and Chillers
  • Transformers
  • Industrial plants and machines
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Observation or Control Rooms
  • CHP Units

Acoustic Enclosure Performance

Single wall acoustic enclosures start from Rw 40dB noise reduction, with double skin rooms offering in excess of Rw 60dB. Higher acoustic performances are attainable, but on a bespoke basis. All our modular panel enclosures can be supplied with either single or double leaf hinged doors for personnel access, or even larger hinged or sliding doors for taking in and out large pieces of equipment. These doors will be acoustically rated to match the performance of the enclosure.

Multi-Purpose Acoustic Enclosures

Such is the flexibility of the design, soundproof enclosures can be built for both indoor and external use and are available in an extensive variety of finishes to match the application. Utilising a range of popular features such as acoustic doors, windows and ventilation systems, there are multiple options possible just using standard components.

Bespoke Acoustic Enclosures

By offering a tailored solution, industrial acoustic enclosures can be made to visually integrate within a factory, or to complement any interior aesthetic as required. Various different styles and complex shapes can be created, from multi-faceted round enclosures to basic cubes and everything in between. Whatever the application, or noise source requiring sound enclosure or suppression, QuietStar can deliver the optimum factory noise control solution.

For very complicated industrial noise control projects, QuietStar can provide the following in addition to our standard options:

  • Complete electrical installation
  • Fire suppression
  • CCTV recording and monitoring

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