Professional Audiology Booths

Enhance accuracy and efficiency with QuietStar QS hearing screening booths. We have ready made and custom solutions for all hearing test needs.

The QS Booths

Welcome to our range of hearing test booths designed to provide a controlled and reliable environment for conducting audiometric testing. Let us introduce you to the key features and benefits of our hearing screening booths.

QS1 Single Occupancy Hearing Testing Booth

The QS1 is our smallest acoustic booth specifically designed for industrial and retail audiometry. This booth creates a controlled acoustic environment, reducing external noise and providing an optimal setting for screening, diagnostic hearing testing, and retail audiometry involving the prescription and issuance of hearing aids.

QS2 Single Occupancy Audiology Testing Booth

The QS2 is a versatile acoustic booth designed for industrial and retail audiometry. This booth offers a controlled acoustic environment, minimizing external noise and providing an optimal space for conducting screening, diagnostic hearing tests, and retail audiometry that may involve the prescription and fitting of hearing aids.

QS Audiology Booth Features:

Compact and Practical Design

Our hearing screening booths are characterised by robust and compact design, making them ideal for settings where space is limited. It comes equipped with LED lighting, ensuring proper illumination for testing purposes. The integrated ceiling-mounted LED lighting system operates using a low-energy remote power adaptor, promoting energy efficiency.


Enhanced User Convenience

We understand the importance of a comfortable and user-friendly experience when conducting hearing screenings. That’s why our booths are equipped with twin USB and jack sockets, allowing convenient access to power and audio connections for various testing equipment. They also feature a low-noise ventilation system, ensuring a well-ventilated environment without interfering with the accuracy of the tests.


Flexible Configuration

To meet different requirements and preferences, the QS1 and QS2 booth can be supplied in a flat pack kit form or readily assembled based on your preference. It offers the flexibility to accommodate either a left-hand door and a right-hand window or vice versa. The window is designed with laminated acoustic glazing, and the door features a recessed magnetic door seal, optimising acoustic performance within the booth.


Easy Installation

Setting up our QS booths is a straightforward process. With the help of two able and competent individuals, the booth can be easily assembled within 30 minutes. Its demountable nature allows for hassle-free transportation and relocation, providing flexibility for various testing environments.

We take pride in offering reliable and efficient hearing screening booths that meet the needs of industrial and retail audiometry. Whether you require a compact solution for on-site testing or a booth that can be easily relocated, our QS1 booth provides the ideal environment for accurate audiometric assessments. Contact us today to learn more about our hearing screening booths and how they can benefit your organisation.

Client Testimonials

"From start to finish the team at Quietstar have been a pleasure to work with and went the extra mile to get our booth installed and ready for clinic."
Jon Raeside
“The QuietStar team have a keen eye for quality & their offering is superb always on time with all the necessary acoustic, fire and security certification.”
Gary Taylor
“I have always found them to be a willing partner with tremendous understanding of our market and our specific, and at times, demanding requirements.”
Philip Baxter

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Audiology Screening Booth FAQs

What is a hearing screening booth?

A hearing screening booth, commonly referred to as an Audiology Booth, is a specialised soundproof environment used to conduct precise hearing tests. Designed to eliminate external noise, it ensures accurate evaluations of an individual’s hearing capabilities.

Audiology Booths are essential tools for audiologists, hearing care professionals, and health care clinics. Audiology Booths enable accurate assessment and diagnosis of hearing loss & impairments and other auditory investigations to be carried out in a controlled and accredited environment.

Hearing screening booths are critical for isolating the patient from excessive external noise, ensuring precise measurements and analysis can be carried out and is acheived. This isolation helps in early the detection and treatment of hearing loss.

Typically, audiology booths are provided with built-in integral features such as, roof mounted ventilation/ air movement systems, internal low energy lighting, appropriate jack sockets for audiometer connection and sound-absorbing materials. These essential items facilitate a comfortable environment for both the patient and the professional.

Audiology booths are engineered and constructed with specialised materials in such a way, that they minimise external vibration and noise transmission. The doors, seals, walls, floors, and ceilings are carefully designed to provide maximum sound attenuation, meeting required standards.

Yes, at QuietStar, we offer customisation options for all of our audiology booths, allowing you to choose the size, design, and additional features that suit your clinic’s specific requirements. We can provide vinyl wraps, colour changes & logos to match the design or branding of your own brand/ clinic.

When selecting an audiology booth, consider factors such as approved noise reduction/ isolation, functionality, size, location, budget, and the specific needs of your practice. At QuietStar we offer a free consultation service and design review to help & assist with providing with the correct product.

To an extent, yes. Our QS1 Booth is on wheels, it is easily moveable and designed as such, so as to fit through most standard door openings. In addition, all standard booths within the QS Range and fully demountable and can be easily assembled and disassembled for use in different settings, room configurations and clinic changes.

Regular maintenance, including cleaning and inspecting the soundproofing materials, is vital for the longevity of an audiology booth. For more information, please refer to this guide written by Jason Saunders 

That bit is simple. Either leave your details here, or give Jason a call on 0780 168 4433.