Earlier this year, QuietStar were involved in a very worthwhile cause in North London. Nordoff Robbins is an organisation dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable and isolated people through music therapy. The charity support people with wide-ranging physical and mental health needs, including those with learning difficulties, autism, mental health issues, dementia and children with developmental delays.

Nordoff Robbins was set up in 1959 and the first centre established in 1982. Their current base in Kentish Town recently underwent a refurbishment programme where 2 brand new, state of the art music therapy rooms were installed.

QuietStar were approached to provide steel acoustic doors to ensure each room was isolated from one another and other adjacent rooms.

Each room was finished to a high standard with wooden cladding hiding a range of acoustic panels to improve sound quality and reduce reverberation times. Whilst the facilities provide high levels of performance, they were constructed under a very strict budget to ensure maximum value for money for supporters and donors.

Both doors were of a solid leaf design with no vision panels to ensure privacy within each room. Specified at 53dB, each leaf was manufactured wider than a standard door to facilitate easy access for equipment and instruments. From initial enquiry to installation was 10 weeks which was within the timelines of the client.

Given the budget constraints, QuietStar was able to help the worthy cause by providing some additional discount to help their budgets go a little bit further.

Speaking on behalf of Nordoff Robbins, Sarah Cosby, Head of Corporate Services, said: “since the refurbishment, we have taken our facilities to the next level in terms of the service we are able to provide to our beneficiaries. The music therapy rooms are particularly distinct spaces with all of the equipment and performance levels people would expect in commercial studios but providing also a unique and state of the art space for the delivery of music therapy. The acoustic doors provided by QuietStar perform really well and make a huge difference, containing sound within each room.”

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