QuietStar Provide Acoustic Doors and Windows to Musical Duo


QuietStar are mostly involved in commercial studio projects, providing essential components to some of the most complex and performance-critical studios across the world. Using this knowledge and expertise, when the opportunity arose for a domestic project earlier this year, we jumped at the chance.

QuietStar have continued to make an impact in the UK music industry, being involved in a number of other home studio projects for established and up-and-coming artists. This particular project was for Rae Morris and her partner Ben Garrett (aka Fryars). QuietStar were approached when the couple were building their own home studio as part of a complete refurbishment.

Being a terraced house in a residential area, the need to keep home rehearsals acoustically contained was a must. The brief for QuietStar was simple, to aid in producing a high performance home-based studio that blended seamlessly with the rest of the house and when in use, would not disturb the neighbours!

Acoustic Home Studio Doors

The studio was to be sited on the lower-ground floor, overlooking the garden. With current openings for patio doors, QuietStar designed and manufactured 2 sets of double acoustic doors to prevent unwanted sound from leaking outside and potentially disturbing immediate neighbours. The 2 sets of doors were arranged back-to-back which is often a technique used in commercial acoustic studio applications to improve the performance of the opening. For this project, the outer doors open to the outside, while the inner doors open into the studio. Each double set of acoustic double doors were rated at 50dB.

Next to the new acoustic patio doors, QuietStar also designed an acoustic window to match the performance of the doors. The large double-glazed unit was aesthetically matched to the doors with all frames painted white.

Acoustic Home Studio

In addition to the 2 double doors, a further 2 single acoustic doors were installed to prevent sound waves entering the rest of the house. These doors were also rated at 50dB and each had a 30-minute fire rating.

To keep the doors as in-keeping as possible with the rest of the house, bespoke brass coloured ironmongery was chosen by Ben and each door painted white to match others within the property.

The project was a success and showcased the ability of  QuietStar to produce a high-performance studio in a domestic setting. Since completing the project, both Ben and Rae have been very pleased with the space, commenting:

“Quietstar have been a great help throughout our project of building a sound-proofed room in a mid terraced house. The neighbours can’t hear a thing and the doors provide natural light to work in. Luke was always on hand to deal with any issues and they’ve been present from design phase, measuring up through to the final installation. Five stars.”

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