QuietStar Acoustic Door Project in Reading


At the end of 2018, QuietStar were approached by Reading Council to improve the acoustics at the South Streets Art Centre. Following complaints during noisy events, the Centre had to reduce sound from breaking out of the venue. Located in central Reading, the Centre is directly opposite a residential block.

Originally, to the eastern side of the building were 3 fire exits. All of which were performing well below the levels required for an inner city music / performance venue. To improve the acoustic performance, QuietStar were tasked with replacing each of the 3  doorsets with steel acoustic doors each with a performance of 56dB.

All 3 installations also had to incorporate a fixed acoustic panel above each door to replace the existing non-acoustic glazing. The new installation, not only improves the aesthetics from outside the building, but has also massively increased the acoustic performance. From the initial order in October, the doors were designed, manufactured and installed in January.

The acoustic doors are an escape route directly from the auditorium. As such, the installation needed to be as inconspicuous as possible. All of the door furniture inside the building was modified and painted the exact colour of the door leafs.

Due the old building, QuietStar had to make a number of modifications to the existing openings to ensure the acoustic integrity of the installation. In doing so, the doors and panels are performing much better than before. As part of the fit-out package, QuietStar had to dispose of the existing doors and ensure all works were completed in a timely fashion. Due to the doors being external, each one had to be removed and re-installed the same day to avoid any security issues.

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