Acoustic Door Installation at Warwick Acoustics


QuietStar were approached by Warwick Acoustics to aid them with installing a new anechoic chamber. Due to strict performance and spatial criteria which needed to be met, the team at Warwick Acoustics needed the best sound isolation possible from a single acoustic door solution. The purpose of the facility was to test transducers used in high-end headphone and automotive sound system applications.

Having constructed the chamber themselves to their own specification, Warwick Acoustics required 2 high performance steel acoustic doors for access / egress.

With an ideal performance rating of 60dB in mind, unfortunately the restriction of using only a single door meant this could not easily be achieved. A best performance single-door solution was specified instead, with a 57dB performance rating.

At this level, QuietStar were able to utilise their standard range of high performance acoustic doors without the need for any bespoke parts, specialist ironmongery or complex closure systems.

Both doors were designed and manufactured in under 6 weeks, featuring a standard grey paint finish. Both doors were not specified to have any fire resistance, but one did have a standard vision panel added to enable testers a view into the chamber whilst in use.

QuietStar were also able to help the client during the build with their choice of anechoic wedges and methods for fixing them to all of the inner faces of the chamber. With a huge amount of experience in anechoic chamber and acoustic test facility design and build projects, QuietStar’s expertise gave the client the confidence to provide their ideal solution.

Overall, the project was a success and the doors were installed in line with the project timescales.

All imagery supplied courtesy of Warwick Acoustics.

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