QuietStar are often asked to provide solutions to noise control for studios, industrial applications and specialist testing facilities, but one of our most recent projects was even more unique. Mulalley approached QuietStar to provide acoustic doors as part of a major refurbishment of Medway Crematorium.

The crematorium underwent a major refurbishment earlier this year which involved replacement of the doors between each ceremony room and their adjacent crematory. The doors also help the crematorium run ceremonies simultaneously.

From the initial site visit to measure the doors, careful planning was required. As the new acoustic doors needed to fit into existing openings which could not be altered, precise and careful measurements were needed.

The new acoustic doors were painted a unique colour of brown, matched to the existing wooden finishes within the building. Each of the 1.5 leaf doors also required a 60 minute fire rating. QuieStar’s range of steel acoustic fire doors were chosen as they met the strict 56dB acoustic specification.

Installation of the doors was a challenge. As the crematorium was active throughout the entire project, installation had to be carefully planned. Stopping while ceremonies were happening meant the installation took slightly longer than usual.

Luke Willis, Director at QuietStar commented saying: “this was a unique and challenging project that we were proud to have been a part of. Although only 2 doorsets were involved, fixing them utilised all the skill and experience of our installation crews. Our acoustic fire doors were the perfect solution for this project, proving that safety does not have be compromised to achieve a high acoustic performance.”

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