Acoustic Testing Facilities

QuietStar provides a complete turnkey service for acoustic testing facilities, including full anechoic test rooms and hemi-anechoic test facilities, starting with the initial design overview and concept through to the manufacture, delivery, installation and final testing and commissioning of the test facility. This comprehensive service allows us to focus on delivering the optimum acoustic test facility by designing a building which is fit for purpose, utilises the available space effectively and ultimately, performs to the specified criteria.

With over 60 years combined experience in designing and installing acoustic test facilities, QuietStar has extensive relationships with international dynamometer companies, so we can avail of a preferred choice of suppliers.

Automotive anechoic and hemi-anechoic acoustic test facilities are typically used for Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) and pass-by road simulation tests. NVH test chambers, also referred to as vehicle semi-anechoic chambers (or VSAC), are ideal for the measurement of inner and outer noise and vibration of a car with 2WD or 4WD, typically during run-up and coast down and at constant speeds, including the measurement of intake and exhaust systems, engine compartment, cabin noise, steering wheel and seat rail vibrations, tyre noise and powertrain mounting systems.

Vehicle semi-anechoic chambers are perfect for analysing rolling noise and tyre noise measurements, road surface simulations (smooth and rough tarmac, Belgium blocks and rumble strips). As well as this, these performance testing rooms are used for road load simulation, different wheel speed simulation, curve driving, noise path analysis from individual wheels, differential gear tests, measurement of engine power characteristics, measurement of the acoustic power level of other components (starter motors, alternators, wipers etc), all according to ISO 3745.

QuietStar automotive testing facilities are also ideal should you wish to carry out measurements of powertrain mountings (engine vibration, vibration transfer across the mounts, mount disconnection), noise source location (acoustic intensity beamforming), operational deflection shapes identification, structure-borne transfer path analysis from powertrain mounts and other components and measurement of engine power characteristics.

For an industry standard low cut-off frequency of 50Hz, we normally suggest a minimum room size of 10.0m wide x 17.0m long x 5.0m high, wedge tip to wedge tip. This roughly equates to an inside concrete chamber size of approximately 13.0m wide x 20.0m long x 6.5m high.

All QuietStar’s acoustic testing facilities comply with ISO 3745 for standard sound power measurements.

In addition to acoustic testing rooms for the automotive industry, we also have the capability to supply sound test facilities and chambers to colleges, universities and research groups.

From computer components to large diesel engines and generators, we are able to design and supply a solution, providing a fully certified acoustic testing facility. From supplying acoustic lining packages to a fully equipped test facility, QuietStar can provide a cost effective solution to your testing requirements.

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