Industrial Acoustic Doors

QuietStar industrial acoustic doors are an excellent noise control solution for containing sound in very loud environments such as factories, industrial buildings, power generation plants, film studios and theatres. In order to meet the demand to reduce noise from the likes of manufacturing, energy production, process lines and distribution channels, industrial acoustic doors are available in several different forms to suit the specific application depending on your soundproofing needs.

We are able to provide a number of industrial acoustic doors for you to choose from. These come with different options, as explained in detail below:

Industrial Sliding Acoustic Doors

Offering the highest level of noise attenuation, our range of industrial sliding acoustic doors provide the ideal soundproofing solution for shielding exceptionally loud environments. Examples of typical applications for these include theatres, film studios, industrial test cells, anechoic chambers, power generation plants and energy from waste sites.

Acoustic Performance

Single leaf formats are available up to Rw 57dB reduction. Tandem arrangements can achieve up to Rw 67dB.

Lift Sliding Acoustic Doors

Lifting doors offer similar sound insulation performance to that of traditional sliding acoustic doors, but in this case the opening is vertical, rather than horizontal. This particular acoustic door arrangement is ideal if there are no height restrictions, as it does not impinge on valuable floor space. Given the high acoustic performance available, lift sliding acoustic doors are also ideal for theatres, conference centres, industrial test cells and power applications, to mention a few.

Acoustic Performance

Single leaf formats available up to Rw 57dB reduction, tandem arrangements can achieve up to Rw 65dB.

Acoustic Roller Shutter Doors

QuietStar acoustic roller shutter doors are an ideal solution where a degree of acoustic performance is required, but not to the extent demanded for applications such as theatres for example. Acoustic roller shutters offer a much greater level of sound attenuation over that of a traditional roller shutter and are therefore ideal for screening noisy industrial machinery.

Acoustic Performance

Single leaf formats available up to Rw 30dB reduction, tandem arrangements can achieve up to Rw 53dB. Higher performance can be achieved if arranged in tandem with sliding acoustic doors.

Industrial Hinged Acoustic Doors

Hinged doors up to a 3m x 3m opening can be catered for with our regular range of acoustic doors. For larger openings, up to a maximum of 6m x 6m, then our selection of industrial hinged acoustic doors offers the optimum solution for reducing noise in this instance. This style of door is by far the most common form of industrial acoustic door and is used in a wide variety of sound critical applications including rear of stage theatre doors, acoustic test cells, broadcast studios, factories and loading bays.

Acoustic Performance

Single leaf arrangements can perform up to Rw 57dB, whilst double doors can perform up to Rw 54dB. Doors installed in tandem, depending on the arrangement, can perform up to Rw  65dB which is a significant reduction in noise levels, given the potential size of the building opening.

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