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At QuietStar we recognise exactly what good customer service means. With over 100 years collective experience and knowledge within the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of noise control products and acoustic systems and services, QuietStar is quickly evolving into the UK’s premier provider of noise control products and sound insulation systems.
We make it our business to fully understand our clients’ sound insulation requirements and in doing so, deliver the right acoustic solution at the right price.
Each member of the QuietStar management team has many years of experience in the noise control industry. QuietStar was launched to offer the highest level of quality noise control products and above all, a complete commitment to customer service.
Our vast and varied experience and knowledge of sound insulation and acoustic systems, drives us on to become Europe’s leading noise control organisation. By operating at a local level, we are able to really listen to our customers and truly understand what it is that our clients want, whilst providing a quality product, service and support.
Noise awareness and sound issues affect each and every one of us at some stage in our lives. As our yearning and appetite for new technology grows and our towns and cities expand, increasing numbers of people will be affected by noise pollution in the future. That’s why the team at QuietStar are working very closely within the areas associated with noise emission and sound insulation, combating noise pollution, to ensure a quieter and more tranquil place to live and work.

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Graham Dale

Responsible For Technical
& Commercial Aspects

Jason Saunders

Specialises In ArchitecturalAcoustics & Design

Luke Willis

Specialises In Acoustic Doors & Windows

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